A Safer Retirement and Environment – What We’re Implementing to Help Keep You Safe: READ MORE

Here at Asset Consulting & Safe Money Solutions, Inc., we are adhering to state and local guidelines in order to protect both the health and safety of clients and staff. Keeping our clients and staff safe is our highest priority and we’re taking all appropriate measures to ensure a safe environment. Should you prefer to not meet face-to-face, we are continuing to serve our clients through virtual settings such as Zoom or phone calls.

We look forward to continuing to help individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements.

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7 Spring Cleaning Moves for Your Finances

Here's how to get your financial house in order Forget cleaning out the closet, scrubbing the floors and washing the windows. The start of spring is an even better time to get your finances in order. “One thing on many people’s minds is cleaning. But what if you put...

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What’s Changing for Retirement in 2024?

Inflation adjustments and the phase-in of Secure 2.0 provisions have implications for retirement savers and retirees alike. The dawning of 2024 will usher in more changes than usual on the retirement-planning front. As is typical with the turn of the calendar page,...

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How to Deal With a Big Tax Bill

Don’t panic — but do pay the tax tab Bills are a fact of life, though some require more urgent attention than others. Ignore your brother-in-law because you still owe him $50 from last year’s poker game, and you’ll get the cold shoulder. Ignore your debt to Uncle Sam,...

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7 Ways Retirement Will Be Different in 2024

How changes in Social Security, Medicare, taxes and more will affect your finances For most people, retirement finance is a delicate balance between income that’s likely less than what you made while working and expenses that may be lower in some areas (no more...

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10 Things Boomers Should Consider Selling in Retirement

Retirement is not just about what you should buy or invest in — it’s equally about decluttering and letting go of assets that may no longer serve a purpose or even cost you money. For baby boomers, the following are items worth considering selling in retirement to...

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3 Ways Retirement Planning is Changing in 2024

The calendar page has turned and 2024 is well on its way. Before we get too far down the road, be sure to check out these changes around retirement savings. Every so often the federal government approves changes to the contribution limits for tax-advantaged retirement...

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Five new retirement numbers to know in 2024

The new year has brought some new math for anyone running their retirement planning numbers. Social Security checks are a bit higher this month, thanks to the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) - but higher Medicare Part B premiums will take a bite out of the...

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